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Asset Management

Diversify ā€“ Diversify ā€“ Diversify. That is the mantra of Asset Management. The best way to manage risk in inherently risky financial markets is to diversify your investments. That is, to spread your investments across different assets classes ā€“ stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities, overseas investments. When one sector is declining another is likely to be up, thus smoothing out your returns and helping to increase total return without increasing total risk.

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Easier Said Than Done

Unfortunately, once you have decided to diversify, you have more new questions than answers: How should I diversify? What asset classes should I invest in? What percentage should I allocate to each asset class? I have five different accounts (IRAs, 401(k)s, mutual funds, stock accounts), how do I make sure Iā€™m balanced across all of these accounts? I balanced my accounts six months ago, but I know that stocks have been down while bonds went up, should I rebalance again now?

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You Need Professional Help...Seriously

Why not talk to an Orbit Financial Management representative who can help take the desperation out of diversification. Take the work and worry out of investing by diversifying your risk through asset allocation strategies. We offer dynamic asset allocation, to adjust your investments to constantly changing market conditions.