Any bank or mortgage broker will sell you a mortgage but – as many people are finding out – the best mortgage for the banker may not be the best mortgage for you. Many people may ask “What’s the biggest monthly payment that I can afford?” and “What’s the biggest mortgage I can get with that monthly payment?” You might end up with a low initial teaser rate that adjusts much higher at some point in the future. Could you still afford those higher monthly payments? What if you were temporarily out of work? How long could you continue to pay your “maximum” monthly payment?

Need a Second Opinion?

Most people rely on the advice of the broker – who is trying to sell the home – and the banker – who is trying to sell the loan. Why not get an independent opinion? Contact us today – We can fit a mortgage into your complete financial picture. Also – if you are looking at a possible refinancing – we can help you sort through the variables and see what makes sense for you.