Savings Plans

Whether you are trying to save for your child's education, for a down payment on a new home, for retirement - or are struggling to get out of debt, we can help you stick to a plan to reach your goals and improve your financial independence.

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How can I save for retirement when I’m struggling to pay my bills?

No matter where you fall on the income spectrum, there are people who make much more than you who are living beyond their means and people who make much less than you who manage to save money each month. The key to building wealth is not how much you make, but spending a little less than what you make, whatever that level is.

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Pay Yourself First

If you are not a natural saver – and the statistics show that most Americans are not – it helps to have an automatic savings plan, so you are saving first and not trying to save out of what’s left at the end of the month, which is often nothing.